moderated Re: File listing order changed? Why? #suggestion #fixed


From my point of view, I find it confusing (amusing?) that the rest of you are talking about the "new" lack of colors in the icons.

That's because this, the black-and-white icons, is how they have ALWAYS looked to me (*).  I never (*) saw them in color.  They were crude, IMO, and always looked crude.

(*)  The exception being when I briefly used an XP computer, and suddenly they were in color.

I wonder what software Mark uses that wants to make them plain monochrome, which has now apparently spread to more platforms.

FYI, my platform is always a Windows-based PC.  I don't use a Mac, and don't use a Gizmo (what you probably call a "cellphone") for the web.  I use Google Chrome on all Windows platforms, so if Firefox or IE or Edge shows it differently, I wouldn't know it.  I get a feeling that the presence/absence of icon colors on is platform-dependent and maybe browser-dependent.  Why that would be, is an interesting question.  You'd think that good programmers would have figured this out by now.


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