moderated Re: File listing order changed? Why? #suggestion #fixed


I wrote that incorrectly and it could be confused.

I didn't mean that folders have both icons at the same time.  It is one or the other.  But (see after doing a Search in Files, some folders are identified as "File" instead of "Folder", and the ones that say "Files" have the vertical file-icon rather than the horizontal folder-icon.  As a result, the folders are displayed with a mixture of both kinds of icons, and you can't use the icon to tell whether it's a folder or a regular file.  Unless it has the folder icon, and then it really is a folder.

I never see colored icons at on this computer.  They are only black, which makes it harder because the shape of the icon is the only difference.  I also have use of an older computer that still runs Windows XP and I think it shows colored icons, but not this one.  I guess you now see what I have been living with all along, in that department.


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