moderated Re: File listing order changed? Why? #suggestion #fixed


Mark wrote, "The icons next to the names are different."

But that's the thing -- they aren't!  Folders now have both folder-icons and regular file-icons, so you can't use the icon to tell them apart.

Before today, the default order had the folders at the top so you could probably tell them apart, but might not be able to see where the folders ended and the regular files started.  Now, you can't ell anymore!  If it has a folder-icon, then it's a folder.  If it has a regular file-icon, it might be a folder or it might be a file.  See

Mark also wrote, "Sorting by Type will group everything appropriately (once some more bug fixes go out)."

OK.  I'm glad you're fixing that.  I'll wait for it.  So, will it put ALL the folders together even when some are identified as "Files"?  Or will it group them with the regular files?

And finally, "... I'd like to get some more opinions first if possible."

I have a big one related to Files, but it is not about the file listings.  I think it's a separate issue.


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