moderated Re: File listing order changed? Why? #suggestion #fixed


On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 4:35 PM Andy <AI.egrps+io@...> wrote:
One consequence of this change is that we can no longer even guess whether something is a file or a folder, after doing a Search within files.

The icons next to the names are different. The file type is different. I'm happy to make changes to the display; what else can I do to make files and folders more easily distinguishable?
Before, at least the folders were near the top.  Now they are scattered all over.  Ugh.

This is the way it behaves on the Mac. I don't remember whether it's the same on Windows. Sorting by Type will group everything appropriately (once some more bug fixes go out).

I made the change as part of a set of bug fixes I'm still working on for the files search; as part of that I have to reindex everything and that takes about 8 hours. I can change it back, but I'd like to get some more opinions first if possible.


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