moderated File listing order changed? Why? #suggestion #fixed


Today, the order of files in a Files listing has suddenly changed.

Before, in the default view (Name selected), it showed Folders first, followed by non-folder Files.  Within each group, they were sorted alphabetically.

Today, it sorts both Folders and Files by name. so some Files now appear mixed in with the Folders, when using the default view.

I suggest not tampering with how it displays, unless there's a reason and maybe a heads-up.  Maybe I am just resistant to change; I don't like sudden surprises.  We also arrange our files to try to make it more obvious what people should look at; and sudden changes like that can mess it up.

(As a side-note, I wish that had better flexibility to help us arrange those files.  Yahoo!Groups allowed filenames with leading spaces, which forces them to appear first, at the top of the list. doesn't allow that.  Bummer, but we can live with it.)


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