moderated Oddity: In Files, some folders show as "Folder" some as "File", after a Search #misc


When browsing in the Files section, subdirectories (folders) display with a Type of "Folder", and with no person's name in the "Uploaded by" column.  That seems to be the norm here.

However, after doing a Search within the Files section, some subdirectories display with a Type of "File" and have a name in the "Uploaded by" column.  That's weird.  Other subdirectories display with a Type of "Folder", as usual.

When I look at those same subdirectories from the main Files section (not using Search), they all have Type = "Folder" with no person's name, even the ones that showed Type = "File" after doing a Search.

So the question is, why does using a Search cause the displayed Type to change from "Folder" to "File", in some cases?

BTW, clicking on the Search result line brings you to the contents of the subdirectory, even if is listed as a "File" instead of a "Folder".  So I guess knows it is a folder, even if it won't show it as such.

I'm not sure, but it might be only old subdirectories (imported from Yahoo?) that show Type = "File" after a Search.

As a side note, I wonder why no person's name is listed when a file's type is "Folder", even though the file system apparently keeps track of who created the folder.  Why not just display their name all the time?

One more thing:  After doing a Search, clicking on "Type" does not sort that column.  It changes the order, but it seems to leave everything in semi-random order.  It's a mess.


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