locked Re: Not receiving own copies of messages appear to not work and small issue with "other services" page of profile

christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Aw I see. Thanks for explaining these to us, very much appreciated.

On 7 Jun 2015, at 23:25, Shal Farley <shal@roadrunner.com> wrote:


Subject says it all. I unchecked the checkbox to "always receive copies
of my own posts", yet I'm still receiving them,
Unchecking the box does not prevent your own posts from being sent to you.

Groups.io always sends your message back to you (along with everyone else that receives individual messages) but Gmail (and perhaps a few other services) normally hides your own post when returned. Some people want to see their own messages returned, so this feature works around that specific feature of Gmail. If your email service doesn't hide your own messages when returned then this checkbox has no effect.

What it really does: having that checkbox checked causes Groups.io to replace the Message-ID field in the message header. Unchecked, Groups.io passes the original Message-ID field in the outbound message. Gmail (and some other services) compare the Message-ID field of received messages with those you've sent, and hides the received message from your Inbox if it matches one you sent.

Also, I might as well kill two birds in one stone and report that the
"other services" page of profile appears to be incomplete. All I get
from VoiceOver is "Oauth Logins", excuse spelling.
That's normal. Your spelling was correct, Oauth is short for Open Authorization and is a means by which you might sign in to Groups.io using your account at Google, Facebook or other participating service to identify you. So the list is empty if you aren't using that feature.

-- Shal

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