moderated 'Select all' checkbox on member list changes filter options display #bug #fixed

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

Using the 'Select all' check box to the left of the 'Display Name' column header on the member list impacts the display of the member list filters.  Steps to repeat:

  • On the member list display, open the filter list
  • Select a filter that will a return few rows (a few rows just for simplicity of demonstrating this)
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the Display Name column header to 'select all' - the number of rows selected is confirmed above the Actions button
  • Click the Filter list icon and it shows that all options are checked
  • Click the Apply button with all options are checked and it returns no results (on my list at last) but the number of rows selected still shows as before

If you check the 'Select all' checkbox and then clear it before clicking the Filter icon, all the filter options are removed.

In each case after using the 'Select All' checkbox, clicking the Filter icon 3 times (to display, remove and re-display it) will show the correct filters that have been applied.

This bug can be repeated on the mobile site and app.


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