moderated Re: "member message" urgently needs logging #suggestion #fixed


And searching on "notification overhaul," I found this even more recent message from Chris:
"Unless my recollection is failing Posts to Members used to be a "recorded activity", with Post (or message) to Member being in the drop - down  list of individual activities. Having had to send a couple this evening there is no sign of them in the Activity list and no relevant option in the drop - down although "Post to Member" appears in my Email Delivery History based on Bcc Moderators..."
Hey, Chris, this feature is not going to save the world. Forget about it! It's always been this way!

(A traveler checks into a hotel and starts to take a shower, but there's no hot water. Strange, he thinks, because there was hot running water in the sink. So he asks why there's no hot water in the shower, because he just froze his a** off. He's told that it's always been that way, just take some hot water from the sink! It's what everyone does here, so get used to it. Besides, hot water in the shower is not going to cure cancer!)

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