moderated Re: "member message" urgently needs logging #suggestion #fixed


On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 09:36 AM, Duane wrote:
t a lot of members don't check their spam/junk folder, so wouldn't be lying, just uninformed.
Yes. Was just responding to Chris's "they might deny all knowledge of it."

And the fact that the messages may go into spam is argument for, not against, the logging. If there's a log entry, I can ask the member to check their spam, at least knowing that the message has been sent.

Responding belatedly to Andy's comment that it has always been this way: yes! That's also further argument for, not against it. This poor little feature has been waiting its turn in line for YEARS, while nearly every new member wonders why it's not there and has to go through the hazing of the old-timers sagely telling them "next time, use bcc [you fool]" :)

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