moderated Re: "member message" urgently needs logging #suggestion #fixed


This is a message from you, Chris, in 2018, on GMF (emphasis added).
Title: "Possible Missing Activity"

I had the need to send a message to a member before either releasing or rejecting a message from him in moderation.
I know the message I sent him was sent because I checked the "bcc Moderators" box and received a copy of it. However, that "activity" does not appear in the log and I can find no category in the list of activities that covers it.
Can anyone confirm (or otherwise) that this action is one that for whatever reason is not logged?

And here are a few more. Easy to find: just search on the ubiquitously suggested workaround, "bcc":

"I don't see a record of these direct emails under Admin->Activity.
Are these messages logged anywhere??"

"These don't show up in Activity for some reason, which maybe is a good suggestion for Beta"

"When using the "Send message" function to email a member about a pending post, is the message saved somewhere? I have looked but can't find them."


And on and on they go, back to the beginnings of time. It has almost become a hazing ritual for new members! They need to be put in their place, informed that the messags are not logged and and told to "just use bcc"!


 I didn't bother to search beta but the request has been ongoing here, as well. I know because I've participated in them. (I'm not in GMF but I was sure new people had to be wondering why these messages were not logged, so I searched there. I was not wrong.)

The feature is asked for by almost every new member, has been begged and pleaded for for years, and its lack is always inexplicable to people.

I rest my case. :)






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