moderated Checkboxes in emailed photos section for bulk deletion of copies, unwanted pictures #suggestion

Donald Hellen

In the GMF group, someone mentioned that they had someone using a JPG
file for their signature and in the group's emailed photos section
there were hundreds of that picture there.

I had the same experience recently. After contacting him, the member
switched to a text only signature (there was only text, no image, in
the image signature file anyway) but I had probably 100 or so of those
to go in and delete from the attached pictures folder.

It would seem to make sense to have checkboxes for each picture then a
delete button on the page (bottom or top--doesn't matter) to
facilitate deleting multiple "photos" that are not needed but taking
up space. I believe even Yahoo Groups had such a feature.

I'd like to see this implemented. It has been suggested here before
but no action has been taken on this.


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