moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

May 7, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: When deleting a subscription (by leaving a group, being removed, etc), we deleted all pending digest messages for the user, even if the messages were in other groups the user was still a member of.

May 6, 2021:

  • CHANGE: More work on making the breadcrumbs behave consistently.

May 5, 2021:

  • BUGFIX: Pagination in database tables was not working for people with infinite scroll preference.
  • CHANGE: More work on making the breadcrumbs behave consistently.
  • CHANGE: The filter on the Members page is now scrollable and height limited, to work better on mobile.

May 4, 2021:

  • DOCS: Updates from Nina.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issues with /viewevent page when viewing a repeating event: the Pick A Different Date to RSVP selector was never displayed, and we now present the repeating criteria in a more clear and separate way from the single event date.
  • CHANGE: Moved search bar into breadcrumb line in the search results page.
  • APP BUGFIX: Fixed issues with member filtering. Discussion

May 3, 2021:

  • INTERNAL: Switched primary replica database machine to a dedicated CPU instance to see if that fixes the periodic slowdown we were seeing in database responses.
  • CHANGE: Monthly updating of timezone selector.
  • BUGFIX: Fix breadcrumb issues in photo albums, messages, and topics. Discussion

Take care everyone.


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