moderated Problem with Databases #bug

Pamela Tatt

Hi Mark I am suddenly not able to view all of the entries in a database.
On the list of databases we have 24 and they are all visible on the page when you click on Databases.

When I open one of those Databases with more than 20 lines I can only access the first 20.  I dont get the option to go to the next page.  The only way I can view the whole database is to click on Add Row then on Cancel and only after that do all of the entries appear on my screen.

This has only happened in the past few days.  Prior to this I was able to access all information on both the main Databases page and the individual databases.  I have checked with my group members and they are not having the same problem.  Very strange!!!

Can you shed any light on this for me?

Kind regards,

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