moderated Re: Search bar reformatting #update


>>> On mobile, you now have to tap the search icon (the little magnifying glass).<<<

While no deal breaker a better representation might be a link button, not the spy glass icon. That icon is **always** found at the right end of a search box, and not to home-into in order to jump to a search page.  Yesterday I tried tapping several times to the left trying to land in some imaginary box to enter a search string.  I even put a new battery in my finger, thinking that might be the issue. 
I understand the love of reducing everything possible to icons, but then so could the others be that are on the page.  Why not?  Maybe to avoid confusion - which is what this generated.  I don’t believe I’m inherently dumber than most users (no poll necessary, as I did figure it out) but why impose “ahh ha” moments on old-dogs who may not he icon savvy.)
I don’t pretend to understand what’s inherently wrong with “words” and why it’s location needs to be there, but graying into the line to the left is confusing.  It might be less so as  a stand-apart icon box to differentiate that to the left is not a search box. 

As a suggestion, possibly a heads up why different changes are necessary would connect up the logic to those who don’t understand the *whys* and *wherefores*?

TY & 🖖 

Ken K

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