moderated Re: Breadcrumb row #bug

Andy Wedge

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 11:45 PM, Bob Morley wrote:
Did this change also affect the messages links? When I read messages starting at the Messages  List heading, the links are no longer being marked as being read as I read through one post after another.

In other words, the links still show blue after I have read through several. The problem appears to be that "Next" arrow points to a "sparse" link rather than the full link as seen in the Messages list view.
eg) List view shows:,,,50,0,0,0::created,0,,1,2,0,29318
<,> links use:
The link colour is a feature if your browser rather than and based upon whether or not a particular link is in your browser history to determine if it has previously been visited. The difference in the links you listed and the "sparse" nature of a link for an individual message navigated to by the next/previous arrow icons has always been there as far as I recall.  The "sparse" link format is also used in email footers where it says "View/Reply Online" etc.


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