moderated Re: Option to expire message editing capability after a short time #suggestion

Donald Hellen

Mike . . .

On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 20:58:41 +0000 (UTC), "Mike Hanauer via"
<> wrote:

I have never allowed editing. I think it is, in general, a bad idea.
It changes history rather than amending it (via replys to correct) and leaving a trail, and produces different messages via email and those who later look at the web site.
I'm sure some groups might benefit from what's being discussed, but I
find it irritating (and so do others) when someone posts basically the
same thing 9 times. I try to minimize intrusions to my inbox at work
and try to keep my inbox under 12 messages. Delete, deal with it, mark
it for action later the same day, or categorize it into a separate
folder for later.

For my home email, I filter extensively so my inbox can be managed.
But I don't really want to see many posts almost exactly the same, so
after reading this discussion, I went in and changed the setting in
all the groups I manage to no editing. Someone can reply to their own
post and add whatever they need to, or correct what needs corrected,
but this should minimize having many almost identical posts.

Some online forums allow you to edit your posts, like those on phpBB
or VBulletin forums. I think some have a time limit, while others

Just because I don't see the need for a limited time editing feature
doesn't mean someone else might not want to see such a feature, so I'm
certainly not against this if Mark wants to do the coding. I don't
want to see it as the only choice.


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