moderated Re: Enable membership-editing capability in group-profile page for ADMINS as well #suggestion


Both are available via the More menu. Perhaps a little inconvenient, but I have to stop short of "terrible PITA."
I have to admit, I never 'fell over' the "More" menu at the bottom. To my mind, it's in the wrong place. If "Mute this topic" is in the top buttons, other things an owner or moderator needs to do should be next to it. Putting it next to "Like" downplays it's importance.

I run into this most when I'm on the individual message page. One simple option for me, on the individual member page, would be to move the "More" button to the top of the message page next to "Mute this topic". Then when I need to do something related to regulating the topic or the sender would all be in the same place.

In thread view, could there be an option window for owners that only appears when they click on the member name to select either member history of the member page?

Just a thought.


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