locked Re: Outage this morning

christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Hi Mark

I just want to congratulate you on not only identifying any outages but fixing them as well. With other services, we never received such messages and so when there were problems with lists we never understood why, we would get complaints, it's a vicious circle. Not with you and the others at Groups.io. Well done, keep it up!

On 7 Jun 2015, at 18:03, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:

Hi all,

The site was mostly off-line from about 8:15am to 9:30am. It took a bit to figure out the problem: For some reason, we're now getting more SMTP connections from mail servers that don't send a proper QUIT when done, so they have to time out before we disconnect them. Our SMTP timeout value was high, and we were inadvertently holding open a connection to the database during that time. This lead to all the database connections being used up. I decreased the SMTP timeout value and ensured that we don't hold open a database connection longer than we need to.

Apologies for the outage.


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