moderated Re: Option to expire message editing capability after a short time #suggestion

Paul Kanevsky

Hi Bruce,

On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 01:11 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
Paul -- Please help me understand this. As I read it, messages would immediately post to the online message archive (so they can be edited), but not be sent out as emails until the selected editing interval has expired (so as to avoid all the dupes). Right?
Yes. Post the message to the archives but don't send out the email until the editing window expires.

Somewhat concerned here about how might this interact with existing moderation/hashtag functions, and also the delivery of digests.
I'm not sure why this would change anything, it's just a 5 minute delay in sending the email message. The rest should work as before.

After 5 minutes, the Edit Message menu would disappear or be disabled.
Wouldn't this require a browser refresh (on the client side)? I could see this being problematic if someone clicks what appears to be an active edit link and it "doesn't work."
Yes, of course. But that's true about any change that might happen while someone is editing or viewing a stale webpage. If the editing time expired and the browser wasn't refreshed, an error message would be displayed to say that editing is no longer allowed.

Kinda like the idea in principle...the devil is in the details.
Which is why I'm not coding this myself ;)



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