moderated Re: Option to expire message editing capability after a short time #suggestion

Paul Kanevsky

Our group covers a pretty technical subject with a wide mix of highly technical and less technical members. Those who get to read the archives later may not discover the corrections posted further down in the thread, so editing a message to correct misinformation can be important. But, the unlimited number of edits/re-edits is what I think gets us into trouble with multiple copy emails. A five minute window during which the author can edit their post before the email is sent out would work well for us, I believe. This is something that's worked well on various web forums I've been a part of.



On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 12:53 PM, Andy wrote:
Paul wrote, "Members making multiple edits to their messages generate a lot of email traffic, often with repeated, very slightly altered content. Despite many discussions on this subject, members continue to edit and re-edit their posts."

That's why we disabled editing them in our group.  It was one of the best changes we made, IMO.

Members can send a follow-up reply, hours or days later, which some do when the need arises.  A newly-composed follow-up reply goes over much better than a frequently re-hashed version of an old reply.


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