moderated Re: Enable membership-editing capability in group-profile page for ADMINS as well #suggestion


I'm *pretty certain* I support a change of this kind. My hesitance is because of my being unsure of the definitions of the specific terms being used. I'll explain by example.

If someone posts a message and I want to change something related to this person's membership, such as moderation restrictions, it's silly to have to go through all these steps to be able to put a member on moderation or even take them off moderation. It seems like it would be intuitive to be able to click on the person's name and go to their membership page to change their abilities or to change their display name. When I'm searching for a person, it's not to find out what they've posted in the past. And for a group that may not have a membership list visible to members it's even more useless. I use message search for that.


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