moderated Enable membership-editing capability in group-profile page for ADMINS as well #suggestion


Hi Mark,

A: Right now, only the account owner sees the membership-editing button strip on the profile page (plus the "Edit Group Profile" button).

B: A different user, even if an admin, does not see those options.

While the "Edit Group Profile" button itself should of course continue functioning like that, I would suggest that the membership-editing button strip*** also gets enabled if the user is an admin (with the appropriate mod permissions), *** the "Membership" button at least albeit the "Email Delivery History" button would also be handy.

That would be very helpful work- & speed-wise because right now, if you click on someone's linked name in a message (email or online) hoping to go to their membership page so you can set them on temporary moderation (for example), the link takes you instead to their profile page.  To change their membership you now have to go to Admin, Members, and search for them, it takes a bit.  If that membership strip was also enabled for Admins as well in the profile page, it would be a single click to edit their membership, and it makes the job easier and faster.

Thanks and Cheers,


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