moderated Re: Logged in as someone else #bug

Mike Hanauer

Hats of to you, Mark.

Amazing detective work!

Consider Better, not Bigger. So many advantages. Just ask. USA adds a Chicago to our overpop each year.
"Still more population growth is not our way to a healthy community, a healthy planet, OR enjoyable cycling."


On Friday, April 23, 2021, 04:21:15 PM EDT, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

This is strange. Here's what happened. You both belong to a list. That person's account started bouncing yesterday. We sent them an email with a link to unbounce their account. They sent a message to your common group, with the subject line 'Welcome to', that contained the unbounce link. Note that the email we sent them with the link has the subject line 'Your Account Is Bouncing'. You must have either clicked on the link or perhaps run some anti-virus software that followed the link automatically, causing you to be logged in as them.

I have changed the behavior of that link so that it no longer logs you in as the person being unbounced.


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