moderated Re: formatting an indented line issue [no can do] #bug


On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 11:40 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote: uses the TinyMCE html editor ( ). 

If a bug exists, such info can be passed along to the vendor, but I doubt Mark will be fixing it himself.

Hey Bruce

I know less than zero about this, but that said - looking at TinyMCE, after indenting a line and adding one or more below it (via a  <CR>, or <CR><CR>, or so on), they are all "independent lines" (i.e., any one of them can be further indented, outdented, etc., without regard to what is above it.)   They are not glued together.

Knowing less than zero, I do see that a <CR> in TinyMCE enters a <p>, not a <br>.  That would appear (to me) to be the difference.

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