moderated Re: Unable to set web notifications in Firefox mobile #bug

Derek Milliner


For what it's worth, I've checked this on my Galaxy S20 in Chrome and Firefox (87 rc1, not the beta 88) and no problem getting the notifications. FF was a fresh install from the play store and I took the most 'locked-down' options in the first run setup, apart from defaulting to incognito.

Trying the same thing on a Galaxy S7 that I haven't got around to recycling yet (!); I got the notifications for the FF browser but not, interestingly, Chrome. Until, that is, I went in to the 'Settings/Notifications' on the S7 and found that notifications from Chrome were disabled under 'APP NOTIFICATIONS'. Enable that, and hey presto - get notifications in both FF and Chrome.

In summary; looks like it's down to individual 'phone settings rather than anything on the side



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