locked Re: Collapsing of messages


On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 11:57 AM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:
Chris Leong wrote:

> Mark, If you look at your message here:
> https://groups.io/thread/7557?m=0&o=0, your entire message was
> collapsed.

Looks like Mark's text got wrapped up with the quote above it.


Bah. That stuff is hard (for me). I will fix it in the morning. Thanks for pointing it out.

Speaking of which, there needs to be a permalink or some other means to get the URL of a specific message when in a threaded view. I had to go the long way about to get that one.

There is. The little chain link at the bottom right of each message, after 'View Original', is a permalink.


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