moderated formatting an indented line issue [no can do] #bug


When one indents a line (or lines) one cannot outdent (or for that matter further indent) a line or lines that follows the indented pp. 

Lines 2,3,4 below were indented after typing them.
One cannot subsequently outdent #2 or indent #3 (or any other lines subsequently typed,) no matter how many CRs that one inserts between the various lines of the sequence below.
One needs to go into and edit markup language in order to be able to separate line #3 from the paragraph above it (and the same for line #4.).

1) this is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

2) this line was indented line.

3) this line wants to be non-indented, but cannot be formatted as such (no matter what, it hangs onto the pp above it.)

4) this line wants to be indented twice, but cannot be formatted separately from the two lines above (no matter what, it too, hangs onto the pp above it.)

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