moderated Re: "Was removed via email" versus "reported ... via email and was removed" #suggestion


J wrote:

    "You're the one who wants it to be literature, classical or otherwise."

I never said that.

I want the log entries to make sense.  They don't.

    " I keep saying it's not literature and it shouldn't be."

Fine -- so why keep bringing up literature?  I don't want classical literature either.  I want sentences that make sense.  That's what sentences are for; they are supposed to convey information.  They should convey information correctly, and when they don't, it's a problem.

    "It does not matter. What matters is that you can't fix just this particular entry."

Mark Fletcher can fix whatever he wants!  I brought up just this particular entry because it was the one **I** noticed.  I didn't say that this is the only one to be fixed, and that the others should remain incorrect.  Why do you imply that?

    "You would have to go through and create individually customized syntax for each and every log entry with the issue or the potential issue."

Hey, man, this was a suggestion!  A SUGGESTION, man.

#suggestion -- "For suggestions for improvements to the service"

As a suggestion, Mark can use it, or not use it.  I did not order Mark to change anything, and I'm not going to weed through the activity log looking for every possible example of syntax errors that are similar to the one I noticed.

    "It's a log entry! It's a who, what, when, and how: the member, the action, the tie, and how (email or web)."

Except that it's a jumbled mix of those things.  If the log entry was: "RobertPerson was spam and removed as #129643 email via message", would you know what it means?  I wouldn't.  I'm thrilled for you that your magical parsing skills are so advanced, but for the rest of us humans, the entry in the log needs to make sense and convey what happened.  Currently it says that someone was removed via email, which is not what happened.

If Mark changes anything in the log entries (add uppercase, commas, or dashes), why not change it to be syntactically correct so that it conveys the right information?  Why mess with some of it but not mess with what was wrong about it?


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