moderated Re: "Was removed via email" versus "reported ... via email and was removed" #suggestion



My assumption is that the actual activity data is not stored as human-readable text files with text sentences.  I'd assume that there is a bit (or a few bits) that means, "This person was removed because they marked a message as spam", or perhaps one bit that says "This person was removed" and another bit that says "Because they marked a message as spam" along with other information that says who and when.  Then when we humans click the "Activity" link, some code at translates that bit or those bits into a string of human-readable text that we call a sentence.

Therefore, the change would be to the code that converts the binary information into a readable sentence -- changing the sentence from something that is incorrect, into something that is not incorrect.  It is not a "one by one" thing nor is it "creating a customized log entry for each".  It is fixing it.  To make it right.  So that it is not wrong.

Why do you imply that this would be a bad thing to do?

It really does not matter to me that you want to treat the Activity log as if it might be classical literature.  I do not.  But I want the Activity log to be correct.  Currently, it is not.  I think it would be an improvement to if it were changed to make it correct.

Putting "via email" at the end is syntactically wrong because it modifies what came immediately before it, which is the fact that the member was removed, and that's not what happened.  Currently what it says in the Activity log is incorrect information.  I noticed this with the entries about removing members because of spam, but sure enough it applies to many others in addition, and surely the fact that I noticed it for only one case does not matter, does it?


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