moderated Re: "Was removed via email" versus "reported ... via email and was removed" #suggestion


And *my* point was that the system can’t  be bothered, and shouldn’t have to be bothered, to figure out which actions can only be achieved one way or the other just for the purposes of a log entry. It just slaps “via email” or “via web” at the end according to what actually occurred, and I think that’s fine.

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My point (maybe not clearly articulated) was there is NO alternate way to be removed (am I wrong on this?) because of deleting a spam email.   One cannot do it themself “via web” nor do it themself vis email.  The whole wording of “how” (“via...”” the spam reporting occurred is unnecessary and the member is also not “removed via email,” the system  removes the member and the member is simply “notified” after the fact via email. 


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