moderated Re: "Was removed via email" versus "reported ... via email and was removed" #suggestion


The “via email” thing is the same problem with every single action in the logs. I’m used to it. One solution might be to simply add a dash before “via email” in every case. Not beautiful parsing but at least separates “via email” from the rest. Another solution would be to put the “via email” with a colon (or something) BEFORE the rest of it. A third solution is to just get used to it. It stopped bothering me long ago. My brain now adds the separator.

On Apr 17, 2021, at 1:19 PM, Andy <AI.egrps+io@...> wrote:

When someone reports a message as spam and they are removed from a group for that reason, the entry in the Activity log says:

<email address> reported a message as spam and was removed via email
<email address> reported message #128643 as spam and was removed via email

Shouldn't it say that the individual reported the message as spam via email, and was removed?  As far as I know, they were not removed via email.



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