moderated #bug Italics and other rich text formatting don't transfer to or from text files #bug

Kamaloo <k_amaloo@...>


I have a minor request/bug report - would it be possible for rich text formatting such as bolding, italics and similar to be transferable when you select and copy text, or when you paste it in a post when it has been copied from a document? I know it's possible, because Yahoo Groups did it, but I haven't been able to replicate it on my groups. It's a bit tedious to go through pasted text to find and re-insert the formatting, so I hope it can be implemented in

This is the main way I use the groups, so I hope something can be done!

TLDR; - text copied from a post on to a RTF or Word document doesn't retain the formatting information. Text copied from a RTF or Word document to a post on doesn't retain the formatting information. Is it possible to fix this?

 - Kamaloo

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