moderated Re: Expire invitations after 14 days #suggestion

Donald Hellen

Mark . . .

On Thu, 15 Apr 2021 13:53:17 -0700, "Mark Fletcher"
<> wrote:

- Invite links will expire 24 hours after the invite has been sent. That means clicking the link or replying to the invite email will no longer work, and you'll get an error message instead.
I know of plenty of people in my groups who don't check their email on
a daily basis. I'm one of those myself when I come home from work and
go directly to bed, skipping my afternoon or evening email catch-up.

This won't work well for those people. By the time they see it,
assuming they skipped a day for whatever reason (vacation away from
the grid, sickness, internet connection faulty that day, etc.), it
will be too late.

Sure, they can contact the group owner address, but can we really
expect that of some people who find something we think of as simple to
do online as intimidating?

I hope this is reversed. If not, I can see some groups having problems
with this.


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