moderated Re: New feature: hashtag footers #update

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 10:38 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've pushed a new feature, hashtag footers. Each hashtag can now have a footer. If a hashtag has a footer, then all emails tagged with that hashtag will have the footer inserted into the top of the message footer (for single messages), or right after the message body (for digest messages). Also, if composing a message using the New Topic page and you select a hashtag using the `Add Tags` dropdown that has a footer, the footer is displayed on the page.
This was requested by an enterprise group that wished to provide additional guidance for people responding to particular emails.
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Some observations so far:

  • The font size when entering the hashtag footer text seems smaller than that used in the hashtag name and description.
  • When composing a message online, the extra panel that appears with the hashtag footer text does not show the text in the order of the hashtags in the subject (it may not be an error but it feels wrong).
  • The hashtag footer text strings that appear in an email follow on from each other so you can't tell where the text from one hashtag ends and another starts.
  • There's no way of knowing which text relates to which hashtag (and it seems counter intuitive to have to add the name of the hashtag in the text to achieve that)


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