Re: better member list filtering #suggestion


Ok! I've figured this whole deal out and it's fabulous! Let me explain.

Formerly, there was a single dropdown for the various categories of members (members, pending, bouncing, etc.). Now, there are two boxes: the one called "members" which *looks* the same as before on the outside but is no longer a dropdown. Clicking on that gives you the full membership list (current members). The other categories - bouncing, pending, etc. - that were formerly in that dropdown have been greatly added to and been moved to the light-blue thingy. If you click on that, you can filter by all sorts of criteria that weren't there before.

So all that's really happened (aside for the possible bug mentioned by Andy) is that the filtering criteria have been greatly added to but moved to a separate location, next door to the full member list, which is the former dark-blue box.

And yes, guys, the answer to my question "am I totally losing" it is yes. I somehow totally forgot, after 6+ years of being here, that clicking on "Members" on the left first takes you to the pending members. Nothing in that part has changed.

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