moderated Re: Strange new "Members" selections #bug


It's weirder than that. Here's the sequence I just experienced:
1. I select "bouncing" via the light-blue filter and get back no members (so far so good, because I have no bouncing members)
2. I then click on "Members" on the left and get back, instead of the full members list, my one pending member
3. I click the dark-blue (former dropdown) Members on the top and got the full members list
4.But if I go out and then back into my group, I am forever plagued with getting *first* just the pending members list, and then having to check the dark-blue box to get the full members list again. Clicking "Members" on the left doesn't do it any more. And I see that the filter has (seemingly forever) changed itself from "bouncing" to "pending members"

My eyes are glazing over from this because I've tried it numerous times and I'm not writing down the results each time - just trying to remember them. But the bottom line seems to be that I can no longer easily get to my full members list, because this new filter has set itself to pending.

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