moderated Re: Messages with Attachments rejected and lost for good #suggestion



FYI, that is exactly what I see, now, too.  I can't figure out how to attach anything, in the group with attachments not allowed.  Maybe it's already something that got changed?

But now I am wondering now, how does someone attempt to send a message with an attachment, from the web interface?  In the Activity log, I have recent entries like this:

    <person> attempted to send message "<subject line>" with attachments via web

There are three of those within the last six hours.  (I am puzzled why it is possible for that to happen, because I can't get an attachment into a message at the web interface.  There must be a trick that I'm missing.  But I digress.)

The real problem I am trying to address, is how to prevent those messages from being deleted, in such a way that the sender can't fix it and try again.  Somehow, people are still able to compose a message with an attachment, from the web interface, and then their message gets rejected, and gives them no way to back up and remove the attachment before it's too late.

But thank you, Duane, for your help.


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