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christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Hi Hannah

Thank you for posting, I'm thinking it's a spelling error on your part, this can make a huge difference when banning a person as while the email addresses may sound the same they certainly aren't if you read it character by character which screen readers implement as part of its navigation capabilities. These are the equivalent to a sighted person looking at the text on screen in detail.

On 4 Jun 2015, at 07:41, hannah day <hannahday2009@googlemail.com> wrote:

HI all .

For a few days i have noticed a person who is not wellcome trying to join my lists .

However i have band him but this is where the problem lies .

Disbite the e-mail address which he is trying to subscribe with is in the band list already and for some reason this is not taking an affect ..

I really think there is a bug or a very bad problem which needs to be investigated .

Just thought i would let everyone no .

I am a screen reader user so this is not the problem .

chat soon Hannah

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