Re: better member list filtering #suggestion



Please let me know your thoughts or if you see something amiss (it was
a fairly substantial change to the code).
I'm loving it.

Cant wait to see the idea applied to more lists.

I wasn't sure where to place the Filter button, for one thing.
Maybe to the right of the Search box, as they are two sides of the same coin.

And then on the Messages/Topics lists drag the pair of them up where Search is here (and on Directory, Photos, Files, and Wiki), for consistency. Messages & Topics could use being "modernized" to this style, with search as an entry box rather than a button to a pop-up, and the search tools functions integrated with date under the filter function.

That's there for consistency for how the rest of the site works.
Clicking it will clear all filters, as it just goes back to the
members page as a fresh visit.
As does clicking the Members button in the navigation pane on the left. Have I missed a subtle difference between the two?

In other words, I think I agree with Chris' original assessment that the Members button above the list is now redundant. Directory, Photos, Files, and Wiki do not have such a button above their lists.


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