moderated Re: #suggestion feature request to strip out duplicate attachments in replies #suggestion


David wrote:

a) No need to store the attachments on the server multiple time
b) No need to email the same attachments multiple times.
Hmm... Taken together with Mark's comment I think that brings us back to the original request from Donald (the OP): to strip the duplicates.

But for embedded images maybe only in the case of a detected top-post? That is, avoid stripping out a deliberately quoted image, to address Ken S's concern.

There was a problem in one of my groups where someone attached many MB
of images, then modified his post a dozen or so times. Some people
were screaming at the volume of mail that they were downloading. This
was one of the reasons I have disabled editing of posts on my groups.
Yeah... I think editing is a different issue which may require a different solution. If the images were inline in the text stripping them out of the edited text might severely compromise the member's intended meaning.


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