moderated Re: #suggestion feature request to strip out duplicate attachments in replies #suggestion


Hi Ken S,

My concern is that some of our users will look at the latest post on a
subject and simply move on to the next if they don't see the image
that was being discussed rather than going back through the thread to
see the image.
In what I proposed it would still be shown there.

I proposed consolidating the storage rather than "stripping out" the duplicate.

As a dabbler in software, I would also believe that the code to keep
the image attached to posts going out in e-mail or on the site while
removing them from the stored post would be rather difficult or
require a dual database,
I'm not quite sure what difficulty you're seeing.

Images and attachments already occupy separate storage from the body text of the message. In the web view it would be rather simple to have multiple instances of the displayed image point to the same image file storage. If you're a dabbler in HTML code the storage is pointed to by the URL used in the src attribute of the <img> tag in whatever page or text displays the image.

In messages sent out by email I know that some processing of the content is done by, but I don't know the details. However I'm confident that Mark can ensure that consolidating the storage doesn't "break" the content; whether for individual or digest.


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