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David Kirkby

On Tue, 6 Apr 2021 at 17:01, Ken Schweizer <kensch888@...> wrote:
My concern is that some of our users will look at the latest post on a subject and simply move on to the next if they don't see the image that was being discussed rather than going back through the thread to see the image.

I don’t really see how that’s any different from people reading any post where someone has trimmed off text that was previously written. It’s generally considered good practice to reply to a post, quoting what one is replying to, and not of other things. 

Looking at your post, nobody would make any sense of it unless they had read the original text. I fail to see how images are any different. 

As a dabbler in software, I would also believe that the code to keep the image attached to posts going out in e-mail or on the site while removing them from the stored post would be rather difficult or require a dual database, so I thought I'd throw the option out for

I don’t see the need for two databases, as I would prefer if the server didn’t email out the images. There is 

a) No need to store the attachments on the server multiple time
b) No need to email the same attachments multiple times. 

There was a problem in one of my groups where someone attached many MB of images, then modified his post a dozen or so times. Some people were screaming at the volume of mail that they were downloading. This was one of the reasons I have disabled editing of posts on my groups. 

Again thanks for replying,
Ken S

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