moderated Re: Updating the event description or Note To Send Attendees for a repeating RSVP event wipes out all RSVP responses! #bug

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 05:10 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I'm trying to duplicate this but I can't. I create a repeating event, with rsvp. Then I rsvp to one of the events. Then I change the Note To Send Attendees text and update all events. That works for me. Am I missing a step?
It doesn't sound like you're missing a step but I can repeat this quite easily. From my Owner account I've just created RSVP Test Event15 on my subgroup; responded Will Attend to the last two occurrences from my member account and then updated the event from my Owner account (updating all in the series) and now there is no responder information.  The Activity Log shows that my member account responded and I received the RSVP confirmation emails too.


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