moderated Updating the event description or Note To Send Attendees for a repeating RSVP event wipes out all RSVP responses! #bug

Andy Wedge


I had a repeating RSVP event defined and when I updated the Note To Send Attendees text and saved the change for all in the series it deleted all the responder details for each occurrence!  A separate test has shown it does this if you update the event description too.  I'm not sure what happened as the first event in the series was also removed from the calendar but there's no Activity Log entry to say it had been deleted.  Updating the text for a single occurrence RSVP event does not delete the responder information.

I now have a real mess to sort out, trying to work out from the Activity Log which member responded to which event in the series and who ended up on a waitlist.  Any suggestions on how I can recreate the responses?


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