moderated Re: #suggestion feature request to strip out duplicate attachments in replies #suggestion

David Kirkby

On Sun, 4 Apr 2021 at 00:50, Donald Hellen <donhellen@...> wrote:
Sometimes a member posts a picture (or file attachment) with some text
in the message and others reply to that message and don't delete the
picture, so it gets posted several times, each time taking up
additional space in picture storage.

I'd like to see something that would strip out pictures after the
initial one was posted as long as it had the same exact file size. The
same might be possible for file attachments.
I'd like to see that too.  I guess an md5 checksum of the file would be the best, as that ensures the file is indeed identical or different. If not, your suggestion of the same size would be pretty damm good. Even if someone modifies a jpeg, the chances of their saved version being the same size is small. For a bitmap (bmp) though, which I think is rarely used, a modification of the same file would result in the same size, but a different checksum.


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