moderated Re: #suggestion feature request to strip out duplicate attachments in replies #suggestion


Ken S,

You quoted me, so I'll answer. Though I'm not sure you're addressing the implementation that I was discussing with ken (K).

If this feature is implemented it should have an "owner's switch" to
enable or disable it for their group.
Why would you want to turn it off?

What I suggested makes no changes to how messages are handled by email, nor any changes in how they are presented on the web site. It changes only a detail of how attachments and images (inline or attached) are stored. And in particular it potentially reduces the group's storage charges, which seems only a benefit.

As such, what I suggested differs in that significant respect from what Donald (the OP) suggested; but it solves the same problem (excess storage charges due to duplicate images), removing the need for moderator busy-work.


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