moderated Re: #suggestion Implement threaded view like Yahoo groups used to have before 'neo'. #suggestion


I wrote:

Long ago Mark said he didn't care for indented presentations like that, but there are other ways to convey the same information.

The simplest method I can think of would be to add an "In Reply To" link just below the message's date and permalink:

To avoid clutter omit it on messages that are in reply to the immediately preceding message (chronologically, no matter which way the display order is flipped). And obviously omit it for topic starters and for those messages where the linkage is unknown (neither "In-Reply-To" nor "References" fields are present).

The permalink URLs are "message" URLs that open that one message (as they should), but the In Reply To link is a topic function, so its URL should be of the message in topic type:

It is a bit different in the mobile interface as the message numbers aren't shown. So I suppose some type of icon is needed as the link, but I'm not convinced that the up pointing triangle is the best answer (especially when the display order is reversed):

While this is nowhere near as slick as an implementation that presents the linkage visually, it should be easy to implement and use, and does not require a new viewing mode. It also has the advantage of having no visual impact at all in the common case of in-order replies.


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