moderated Re: Photo Album Ordering #suggestion

Jen Weber

For a while, I thought that a photo view in the "Download" view was what I wanted...a unique URL that never changed when photos were added or deleted from an album, because it contains the name of the photo in it.

But now I see it STILL relies on the placement of the photo in an album.

For example:,,,20,2,0,0
Its still relying that this photo is in the 1st place of the folder 260708.

Please please please PLEASE give us a unique URL for a photo that is not dependent on a position in the album. I know its a pain to recode, but it is SO important.  Messages with links are useless after a few weeks, and for my groups, the archiving of messages and photos is so important.  Knowing that later messages have incorrect links for photos seriously undermines the usefulness of so much of what we do.

I'm still begging for this to be changed.  Is there anyway I can help make this happen?

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