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>>> On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 07:24 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
all groups allow mods to save without sending.
all groups allow mods to edit<<<

Yes and that’s inconsistent with the (stated?) goal. 

Perhaps I wasn’t clear.  My point is if the policy (Mark’s intention) is to keep  the two records consistent (I believe that is the intention,  otherwise editing images/attachments wouldn’t have been “banned”) then that policy should be for everyone, mods included to keep the records consistent.   Not to allow mods to make it only a little more inconsistent than member are allowed to do. 

To be clear, I am saying the current setup/permissions are INCONSISTENT with the intrnded goal (as discussed in earlier threads) and the permissions should be backed down so that editing a posted msg  w/o saving shouldn’t be allowed at all, mods included. 

However, if Mark’s goal isn’t for the records to remain consistent, then ALL editing (images, ATT’s, text) should be allowed by anyone/everyone, without saving, mods and members included (but mods could turn off all editing for the entire group.)

I can’t cross the street cuz it’s unsafe, SO I can go only to the center line.  
It’s illogical.  
Either trust me to cross the entire street or keep me from stepping off the curb.  

I prefer crossing the street (ALL editing allowed) but staying safe doing it (edits MUST be sent out. )

Ken K

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